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We are your online source for all things Coconut!  Coconuts are a very versatile fruit or drupe.  As you will discover from this site coconuts are used in many different products.  They are a very healthy food source and can be used in countless ways.  Take a look around, peruse the products, read our articles on our blog.  We hope you enjoy your experience!      Learn More

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Growing a Coconut Palm Tree from Seed

Growing a Coconut Palm Tree from Seed South Florida Coconuts wants to ensure that your coconut seed/tree provides you with a lifetime of enjoyment.  Below we have provided basic instructions on how to ensure that your seed/tree will successfully grow and mature.  Our...

Purchase a Coconut Tree for the New Year!!

Purchase a Coconut Tree for the New Year!!

The start of the New Year is a great time to get your very own Coconut tree from South Florida!! We sell many different sizes of Coconut trees, from seeds to a coconut that has already sprouted, 6 inch to 12 inch Coconuts, 13 inch to 24 inch Coconuts, 25 inch to 36...

South Florida Coconuts Grows Coconut Trees

South Florida Coconuts Grows Coconut Trees

At South Florida Coconuts we grow coconut trees! We use our own coconuts seeds (drupes) to grow coconut trees.  We sell these coconut trees online so that anyone in the country can have their own coconut tree.  You can purchase a seed from us or a coconut that has...