At South Florida Coconuts we grow coconut trees!

We use our own coconuts seeds (drupes) to grow coconut trees.  We sell these coconut trees online so that anyone in the country can have their own coconut tree.  You can purchase a seed from us or a coconut that has already sprouted, giving you a head start.  We also sell coconut trees that are between 6 inches tall to 48 inches tall.  Coconuts can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to germinate.  If you purchase a coconut that has not germinated yet we will provide you with all the information that you need to start growing your own tree.  However if you want to be ensured that your coconut will grow into a tree you can purchase one of our coconuts that are already growing.  Along with the coconuts that have not yet germinated we sell Sprouted Coconuts, 6 inch to 12 inch Coconuts, 13 inch to 24 inch Coconuts, 25 inch to 36 inch Coconuts and even 37 inch to 48 inch Coconuts.

We also offer products that we feel are some of the best coconut products on the internet.  Most of these items are affiliate links, so if you follow our links we will receive a small commission.  You can read more about our affiliate policy.

Unfortunately due to state regulations we will not be apply to ship our coconuts to Arizona, California, Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada and Texas