Growing a Coconut Palm Tree from Seed

South Florida Coconuts wants to ensure that your coconut seed/tree provides you with a lifetime of enjoyment.  Below we have provided basic instructions on how to ensure that your seed/tree will successfully grow and mature. 

Our Coconuts are grown with all natural soil and fertilizers.  We want to ensure that our products are safe and that we remain good stewards of the environment. 


(If you purchased a coconut seed, follow these instructions)

Seeds should be soaked for 3 days. coconut seed soak in water


To germinate a Coconut seed or “drupe” ensure that when you shake the Coconut you can hear the Coconut water inside sloshing around.

Leave the Coconut husk on and soak the Coconut in water for at least three days.  Take notice as to how the Coconut floats in the water. If it floats on its side then when planting place it on its side.  If the Coconut floats with the top (the end that was attached to the tree) of the Coconut pointing towards the sky plant the Coconut in that orientation. 

The Coconut will germinate in 3 months, but can take up to 6 months or even longer.   Place the Coconut in a container that is at least 10 inches deep using potting soil that will drain very well.  Bury the Coconut so that at least two thirds of the Coconut is under the soil. 

Coconut trees grow in tropical and subtropical locations around the world.  When germinating your Coconut seed ensure that the seed is in a warm location, ideally where the temperature never falls below 70 degrees and is normally above 80 degrees.  Indirect sunlight is ideal. 

Water your Coconut seed on a daily basis to ensure that the seed has plenty of water.  Make sure that the water drains so that the Coconut is not in standing water. Be patient and in time your Coconut will begin to sprout. coconut tree sprout

Within a few weeks to a couple of months roots should begin to emerge through the end or side of the Coconut. Continue with the same care procedures to ensure that the Coconut grows into a healthy Tree!  Within about 6 months the sprouted tree can be transplanted into a larger container. Indoor Coconut Palm Trees will grow to about 5 feet tall.


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